Product And MaterialDr. Martens is 60. And we're paying tribute to our core heritage markings - by c..

$109.73 $63.75

Product And MaterialA new leather lands in our line-up. Abruzzo is a premium waxed aniline with a su..

$109.77 $67.21

Product And MaterialInspired by the shoes that dominated dance halls throughout the 50s and 60s, the..

$109.82 $73.84

Product And MaterialShatter the mold. Our innovative Iced outsole brings a new edge to our classic s..

$109.01 $73.84

Product And MaterialOur classic 1461 shoe has hit new heights. Built on our highest platform to date..

$109.38 $73.71

Product And MaterialDocs classics. In a new premium leather. This 1461 shoe is crafted from Desert O..

$109.52 $63.81

Product And Material60 years of the 1461. This year we mark six decades of our Original 3-eye shoe w..

$109.45 $73.64

Product And MaterialThis is our monochromatic 1461- a solid color commitment from tip to toe, includ..

$109.20 $63.58

Product And MaterialOur 3-eye shoe has been re-engineered for workers. From the factory floor to the..

$109.71 $63.40

Product And MaterialThis is our classic 3 eye shoe. The second style that Dr. Martens made, the shoe..

$109.29 $63.07

Product And MaterialDocs Originals. In more shades than ever. Each season, we're enhancing our colle..

$109.85 $73.62

Product And MaterialThis is the original Dr. Martens shoe, same as it ever was. Part of our Made in ..

$109.35 $73.71
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